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Deleting 4000 rows from a table at once

I'll delete 4000 rows from my database. I've a unique number as a "where search" conditions, meaning that only rows that are matching with the numbers will be deleted. I have a file containing those 4000 unique numbers. Is there any way to delete the 4000 numbers all at once, instead of one by one manually?

You can delete all the rows in a table by simply leaving off the WHERE clause entirely. For example:

DELETE FROM mytable;  
This statement will delete all the rows in the mytable table.

If the table you are using to delete the 4000 rows from has other records in it that you do not want to delete, you can still do the deletes in a single statement in one of several ways. If the numbers you wish to delete are consecutive, such as 1-4000 or 200-4200 etc, then you can write your delete statement like this:

DELETE FROM mytable WHERE column_name BETWEEN 1 AND 4000;
If the numbers you wish to delete are not consecutive, you can list each number as follows:
DELETE FROM mytable WHERE column_name IN (1,2,4,50,66,22....and so on) ;

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