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Definining additional encumbrance type in Financials

I know there are two predefined encumbrace types in Oracle Financials Budget.


I was wondering if there is another -- something like pre-encumbrace. For example, I have a maintenace budget for $100 and one department told us that they will probabily spend $50, but they are not sure when it will become a commitment.
Encumbrances and encumbrance types allow you to classify and track expenditures according to the purchasing approval process. The General Ledger standard (pre-defined) encumbrance types are generally:

Commitments: recorded when you complete a purchase requisition
Obligation: recorded when a requisition is turned into a purchase order

You may define (or disable) encumbrance types in General Ledger.

To define an (additional) encumbrance type (like your pre-encumbrance example):

1. In General Ledger, navigate to the Encumbrance types window.
2. Enter a name and description.
3. Enable the encumbrance type.
4. Save

Although you do not indicate what version of the apps you are using, the information given here is from 11.5.9 and should be applicable.

This was last published in January 2004

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