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Date column as primary key, part 2

Are there any problems if I select a date column as a primary key for an Oracle 8i database?

There are many problems when having a date field as a primary key:

a) Exact fetch is practically impossible to do.
b) Referential integrity is very, very hard to accomplish.
c) In most cases you will have to do a convert function on the column and that will eliminate the use of an index.

What I suggest is to:

First, if you can, do not choose a date; choose number(8) or number(12) and when you update the field, use to_number (sysdate,'yyyymmdd')

Second, to enforce a foreign key, when you update the father in a transaction, save the date/time entered in a temporary variable, and when updating the child, use the same variable.

If you must carry with you the info about date and time, use another column number(4) with the hh and mm value.

Hope that's a help.

See another response to this question in part one.

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