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Data warehousing resources

Can you recommend some good literature on data warehousing? I am a DBA and our organization is going to be looking into data warehousing in the next year for our historical financial/project data. I will be looking into Oracle training for data warehousing for the spring of 2005. I would like to start reading and getting some ideas on how to set up, administer and use reporting tools on a DW. Any info would be a great help.
There are lots of great books and articles on data warehousing and Oracle Data Warehousing.

For a general data warehouse perspective, I would encourage you to read books by Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon. They look at warehousing from a design perspective, which will form your foundation for success.

For Oracle information, there are a number of books from people like Gorman and Dodge. These books review how to get the most from Oracle in a data warehouse. I would also encourage you to use resources at the various user groups, like the IOUG, as well as Oracle itself. All of these resources will provide you with detailed technical information that will get you going as well as to help you improve your database over time.

Now business intelligence is a tougher nut to crack. There are not that many books on the subject, so you are limited there. You can also join user groups and other resources that allow you to share with other users.

Data warehousing and business intelligence is a very wide and deep topic. There are many resources and opinions out there. Read and learn as much as you can to find the solution that is right for you.

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