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Data migration with minimal downtime

We are running Oracle 8.1.7 32-bit database on Solaris 8 -- total size of 4 terabytes. The database has 23 schemas each catering to one application, which runs 24x7. This is a production database with 24x7 support and downtime of just 15-25 min to backup EMC storage database datafiles and logs.

Now we have to migrate this database from Solaris to AIX 5L (32-bit).

Some solutions are:
- Export/import(takes lots of time which cant be considered)
- Replication (cant be used accross O.S)
- Writing triggers to synchronize (we have 4,300 tables, performance will degrade)

What are the ways of migrating this database? I am unable to find any successful solutions to this problem even on Oracle's support site. Please advice, how to proceed with this 24x7 database migration?
You won't be able to migrate everything without some downtime. But you can try to minimize that downtime. One of the things that I have in use to perform a migration to a new platform is to export the database at a specific point in time (note the time). Then import the database on the new platform. Your applications will still run on the old platform while you are importing on the new one. After the import is complete, you will want to move changes to the database to the new platform as well. To do this, use Oracle 8i's Log Miner utility to determine the changes made since the time you noted above. Log Miner can be used to generate a SQL script of all DML statements in the database that you can "play back" on the new platform. This way, you can keep your downtime to a minimum. I have even seen a third party product which essentially does the same thing.

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