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Data migration with ETL

I am new to Oracle's ETL tool and I need information on data migration using Oracle ETL.

I am new to Oracle's ETL tool and I need information on data migration using Oracle ETL.

In terms of how to migrate existing ETL to a new environment, whether that is Oracle's Warehouse Builder or another third-party tool, the methods and techniques that you use will be similar.

The first item you should have as a prerequisite is the target product's capabilities. Many of the choices you will make in the next step will depend upon your ETL team's knowledge of the target environment. This is important so you can exploit the product to produce an efficient solution.

Next, you will need to create an inventory of items that you wish to migrate. This will include all ETL code, including mappings, programs and anything else you might be using. You then can analyze what these programs are doing and design the new solution. Now if your environment relies heavily on PL/SQL, this may be a similar migration from one ETL tool to another. This migration design will then form the basis of the new construction needed for the new environment.

Just remember to build for performance, and this may require you to change some of the current programs to a better solution.

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