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Data exchange between Oracle 10g and 8i databases

We have an Oracle 8i database connected to other 8i databases. If we upgrade it to Oracle 10g but leave the others at 8i, will there be any problem with the data exchange?


There is an Oracle 8i database connected to other databases of the same version, and there is data exchange happening between these databases. Now, there is a plan to upgrade this database to 10g while the others will remain the same at 8i. My question is, is there any problem when there is data exchange between this database and the other ones, or will it continue to perform as it does now? Thanks in advance.

There is a problem with this suggestion. Oracle 10g does not talk well with pre-9i databases through a database link. I would recommend upgrading the 8i databases to at least Oracle 9i if not 10g. I have heard of others employing a "pass through database" for this issue. They create an Oracle 9i database which has nothing in it but database links to the 8i database. The 10g database then connects to the 9i database.

Oracle made some changes in their network stack in 10g which stops 10g software from talking with 8i databases cleanly. Issues do arise, all of which are in an unsupported configuration and will not be fixed.

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