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Data driven occurs and the control file

We're using Oracle8.1.6 EE on NT4 with surprisingly good results. Since the performance is so good, we've decided to download Mframe EBCDIC data and SQLLOAD it into Oracle. Question: How can we handle data driven occurs? When we know how many occurs will happen, we can hardcode that into the Control file, but how do we handle dynamic-data driven occurs in the control file?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking how to load a data file of variable-length and are trying to determine how to enter that in your control file. Well, the better choice would be to not include the actual data in the control file itself, but keep it separate in it's own data file. When listing the data to load in the control file, the INFILE parameter is set to * (e.g. INFILE *). Then you have a BEGINDATA parameter listed later to indicate the beginning of your data. If you are getting periodic data files created/downloaded from your mainframe, then just create your control file to read the data from the external file by having INFILE list the actual filename to load (e.g. INFILE 'dumpfile.txt'). The control file then would not have the actual data in it, only the parameters need to define the load.

If I've misinterpreted your question, please let me know and I?ll try again!

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