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DIM-00019 and ORA-12560 when creating new database

I am in desperate need of a Oracle 9i guru on Windows. Any help will be much appreciated! I installed 9i ( on WinXP Pro SP1a. The installation was smooth. But when running Database Configuration Wizard to create a new database, I keep getting the following two errors
DIM-00019: Create Service Error.
ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adaptor error
I have searched the Inernet high and low and found only a few references to these, not one of which helped me. I am logged in as part of the ORA_DBA group and Administrators group. I don't know if it is relevant, but I also have MS Visual Studio .NET installed as well as IIS.
It sounds like the assistant is having trouble trying to create services. Make absolutely sure that you have administrative rights. I have used the dbca directly to create databases, but when I have problems, I'd revert to running scripts to create it. You can have the dbca create the scripts for you, but I'd run them yourself so that you can pinpoint what command is getting the error. That may give you a better chance of figuring out what part of the creation is failing.

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