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DBUA throws "not a valid xml file" error during upgrade

While trying to run the DBUA to upgrade an Oracle 9.2 database to 10.2 I get the error "/oracle/SND/102_64/cfgtoollogs/dbua/SND/upgrade2/upgrade.xml is not a valid xml file" and the DBUA does not run.

While trying to run the DBUA to upgrade an Oracle 9.2 database to 10.2 I get the error:
For input string: "" 
Upgrade configuration file
is not a valid xml file 
and the DBUA does not run. Please help as this is my first Oracle upgrade ever!
There have been reported issues when using the DBUA to upgrade to a 10.2 database if the SYS user's temporary tablespace in the Oracle 9.2 database is dictionary managed rather than locally managed. Check to see if this is the case by first querying the DBA_USERS view to determine which tablespace has been defined as temporary for SYS:
select temporary_tablespace from dba_users where username='SYS';
Then check to see whether this tablespace is locally or dictionary managed:
select tablespace_name, extent_management from dba_tablespaces;
If the temporary tablespace defined for the SYS user is a dictionary managed tablespace, try creating another locally managed tablespace and assign it to be the temporary tablespace for SYS as follows:
alter user sys temporary tablespace <new tablespace name here>;
Try the upgrade again using the DBUA.

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