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DBA or developer Oracle certification?

What do you think about Oracle certification? DBA or developer -- which one do you recommend?
I think Oracle certifications are a great thing to achieve, but probably for a different reason that most people. It used to be that these certifications were the ticket to a high-paying job, but that is no longer the case. My reason for obtaining certification is to learn as much as you can about the Oracle product for your job as you possibly can. When I study for a certification exam, I am forced to learn about different areas of Oracle that my job would never expose me to. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I have learned something in my certification studies and been able to recall it much later on the job to solve some problem.

As for which one I recommend, let me ask a question to help you get started thinking about it. Red or blue, which one do you recommend? Right now, you're probably saying "Huh?" The answer is: It all depends on the person. There is no right answer to which certification path to take other than your own personal preference. I would not want to be a full-time application developer. I cannot imagine being anything other than a DBA. So for me, the DBA certification path is the one to take. However, I know many application developers who would never dream of being any sort of administrator. So the developer certification path is for them. You'll have to determine which road you want to go down. The best way to do that is to get as much exposure to each area and decide which path you like best.

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