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Critical Patch Update for CRS home

Why doesn't the Oracle white paper on Critical Patch Updates address any CRS maintenance needs?

We are just finishing applying the Oracle April security/critical patch to Our first three iterations addressed process -- we're quite happy with being able to get from test to production within two weeks, across 15 machines and about 200 databases. But we noticed early on that the critical patches apply nicely to ASM and DB homes, but don't successfully apply to the CRS home. Is there some other process that we need to use to obtain and apply critical patches/bundles to our CRS home? I see a patch numbered 5256865. Am I on the right track? Why doesn't the Oracle white paper on Critical Patch Update address any CRS maintenance needs?
The fact that you are able to get a Critical Patch Update from your test environments to your production environments in two weeks is commendable. Excellent work! You pose a good question regarding the application of CPUs to CRS home. Usually, the CPU documents available on Metalink and the readme file that accompanies the patch are explicit about how and where to apply the patch. What types of problems do you encounter when applying CPUs to CRS home? The bug number that you reference is actually a patch to address a number of bugs with CRS, it's not a quarterly CPU. I would recommend only applying patches like this if it resolves existing problems. You can read through the list of bug fixes to determine whether applying the patch is necessary. I would recommend opening a SR with Oracle Support to ask whether CPUs should be applied to CRS home even if this is not clearly indicated in the CPU application instructions.

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