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Creating db links from Oracle 10g to 8i

An Oracle user asks about creating db links from Oracle 10g to 8i.

I have 2 databases, one in Oracle 8i and the other in Oracle 10g. I have to create views/materialized views in Oracle 10g to access and modify the tables in Oracle 8i using db links. The views created in Oracle 10g are transactional, i.e, DMLs are performed frequently. The views can be simple and complex views and will hit 50-60 tables in Oracle 8i.

The question is: Is it a feasible solution to have views/materialized views created in one database and have them...

access 50 tables in another database through db link, considering that there will be DMLs happening every day?

You may have connectivity issues for db links from 10g to 8i. Others have experienced problems trying to connect these two versions.

As for the MV's…I would not create a MV which uses remote tables. Instead, I'd create the MV in the remote database. Then I'd use the db link to see the MV in the remote database.

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