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Creating control files

I need clarification on control files. Can I create a new control file? Suppose I deleted the existing file. Is it possible or not? If not, why can't we create it, and if yes, how can it be created?

Hopefully, you have more than one control file. Oracle recommends that you multiplex your control files just in case you lose one of them. You can identify all of your control files by the CONTROL_FILES parameter in your INIT.ORA parameter file. If you accidentally deleted one of your control files, then the recovery is quite simple. Just shutdown your database. Then copy one of the other control files to the lost control file location and name. Since they are all duplicates of each other, this method will work fine. Then, startup your database.

If you did not multiplex your control file, then you can recreate it with the CREATE CONTROLFILE command. The Oracle SQL Reference manual has the exact syntax. But you'll need to know where every single datafile is and other information. Creating a control file by hand is no easy task. This is why we multiplex the control files. The Oracle Administrator's Guide includes a section on how to manually create the control file. Follow the documentation and you will be able to get your database up and running.

If you did not have multiplexed control files, then make sure you multiplex them after you've followed my advice.

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