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Creating an Oracle synonym to an external MS SQL Server table

Hi, how can I make an Oracle synonym to an external MS SQL Server table? Via create synonym, create database link, ODBC, through the firewall and connect with Username and Password to an external SQL Server Table anywhere in the world? What have I to do with the File TNSNAMES.ORA and what are the statements???

In order to access non-Oracle tables, you'll need to do a few things. First, you'll need to get ahold of a product called Heterogenous Services (HS). Once upon a time, this product was an extra cost. But I believe that it is now a free product. You'll have to verify this with your Oracle representative.

After you install then you just need to configure an ODBC connection to your non-Oracle database. From there, you just create a database link as normal and you can access non-Oracle datasources directly through SQL queries. The HS documentation gives you step by step instructions.

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