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Creating a new database without using Oracle Data Assistant

How to create a new database in Oracle without using Oracle Data Assistant? Can you please explain how I can use the CREATE DATABASE statement in Oracle?

You didn't specify which platform you are creating a database on. So I'll give you the UNIX and Windows platform instructions.

  1. UNIX -- Set up your environment variables ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME. This is shell dependant. For instance, in cshell, I type:
       setenv ORACLE_SID mydbsid
       setenv ORACLE_HOME /install_dir/8.1.7
    Win -- Set up a service with the ORADIM utility. On the command line, type:
      oradim -new -sid mydbsid -srvc OracleServiceMYDBSID

  2. Use SQL*Plus to start the database in NOMOUNT mode:
       sqlplus /nolog
       connect sys as sydba
       startup nomount
  3. Issue the CREATE DATABASE command:
    create database mydbsid
        group 1 ('/somedir/redo_mydbsid01a.log',
                 '/somedir/redo_mydbsid01b.log') size 2M,
        group 2 ('/somedir/redo_mydbsid02a.log',
                 '/somedir/redo_mydbsid02b.log') size 2M,
        group 3 ('/somedir/redo_mydbsid03a.log',
                 '/somedir/redo_mydbsid03b.log') size 2M
            '/somedir/system_mydbsid.dbf'    size 300M
    autoextend on
                 next 50M maxsize 500M
    maxlogfiles 32
    maxlogmembers 3
    maxdatafiles 500
    character set "US7ASCII"
  4. Run CATALOG and CATPROC to finalize the creation:
    SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catalog.sql
    SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catproc.sql

That's the basics!!! Of course, the CREATE DATABASE command has many different options and parameters. You'll probably want to look these up before creating the database. After the database is created, you'll need to create tablespaces, users, etc.

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