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Creating a database for a pizza restaurant

I am planning to have a pizza resaurant. Could you please give me some suggestion on how to make a database for this restaurant? What kind of information do I need to put in? Could you please describe the tables and fields by using the ER diagram? For managerial decision-making, what queries do I need? And what about for operational decision-making?

You need to think about what kind of business questions you want to answer to determine how you want to design your database. These questions will help you decide what tables and columns you need to answer those questions, which will help you create an ER diagram.

You'll need to decide what kind of management style you want to use in order to know what kind of queries you'll need. If you are using a Keysian style, you?ll use a very different set of queries than if you use a Nash style. Operational queries fall into several different categories too. You'll have to decide which style of queries suit your personality and management style, rather than determine the queries from the database.

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