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Creating Single Sign On without using Oracle Portal

I am preparing a Single Sign On (SSO) project for my job. We have two user types:

  1. The users who validate the network access with Novell NDS. This services offers permissions to the printer services, mail access and File Servers utilization.
  2. The others are in-house developed applications with Oracle WebForms 6.i.
Reading Oracle documents, the only way to obtain a Single Sign On is with the Oracle Portal implementation, but we are using the Novell Portal. Do you know any way to make an inexpensive SSO without the Oracle Portal?

Oracle has a wide range of options for Single Sign On, without using Oracle Portal. One of Oracle's products that facilitates SSO is the Oracle Wallet. Third party software is even supported to some extent. Probably the best source of information is the Oracle 9i Security Overview guide. You can find a copy of this on Technet at the following URL: http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/network.920/a96582/toc.htm

You will have to create a Technet account first to view the documentation, but it is free.

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