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Create tablespace to resolve IMP-00010 error?

I brought a dump file from a client (from user login, not from system user), and now I want import it. I do not know the tablespace name. Is it necessary to create the tablespace and data file as it was created from where I have exported? If not, then how do I proceed? I am getting an error message as below:
IMP-00010 : Not a valid export file, header failed verification.

You do not have to precreate the tablespace, but it may be a good idea. If you do not have the tablespace(s) precreated, then the segments will be stored in the schema owner's default tablespace. If you have the dump file and want to see the tablespace where your tables and indexes will want to be created, run import with the INDEXFILE and FULL=Y options. This will create a text file which will show you the CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements. The tablespace will be shown there.

Your IMP-00010 error is most commonly caused when transferring the dump file with FTP and not explicitly stating to transfer in binary mode. Some FTP programs incorrectly see this file as a text file, which it is not. The dump file becomes corrupt on transfer. The only option is to retransfer in binary mode.

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