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Create database command not creating physical files

I'm creating a new database. After executing the create database command, it is not creating the physical files. What should I do?

I'm creating a new database. After executing the create database command, it is not creating the physical files, i.e., control file, data file, redo log files. What should I do?
Without information about your operating system, the release of Oracle, your 'create database' statements and specific error messages, it's very difficult to diagnose a problem like this. If you are attempting to create a database on a Windows operating system, you must first create a service before you run your create database command or scripts. For a UNIX operating system, this is not required.

In terms of troubleshooting, first check the alert log to see whether the instance even starts, or whether there...

are any relevant error messages in the alert log. Check your init.ora file to ensure that you do not have syntax errors or are attempting to set parameters that cannot be set for the system resources you have available. You could create a database via the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). This is an Oracle tool that is graphical in nature, and it will guide you through the creation of a database by first asking you a number of questions about the database you would like created, and then running the associated scripts it creates.

This was last published in February 2007

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