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Create a dump file at any location

I want to create a dump file at any location at any server. How can I do this?
The user running Oracle's export utilities, exp and expdp (for 10g), must have permissions to create a file in the directory you want on your server. You can specify the dump file name and location with the FILE parameter for the exp utility or the DUMPFILE parameter for the expdp utility. To connect to a database running locally on your server, you just supply your user ID and password as follows:

exp userid=system/manager file=/directory/my_dump.dmp full=y

The above example with the exp utility will connect to your local database, create a dump file in the specified directory, and perform a full export of the database. If you want to connect to a remote database, then you will need to define an entry in your TNSNAMES.ORA file that points to the remote database, and then connect as follows:

exp userid=system/manager@remotedb file=/directory/my_dump.dmp full=y

For more information on the many parameters in the exp and expdp utilities, please refer to the Oracle Utilities guide.

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