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Counting matches in a self-join

I just want to take the phonenumber count matches with other tapeids.

I just want to take the phonenumber count matches with other tapeids:

tapeid  phonenumber
  201   2015550007
  201   2015550008
  201   2015550009

  202   2015550007
  202   2015550008

  203   2015550006
  203   2015550002
  203   2015550003
  203   2015550007

  204   2015550006
  204   2015550009

I need the report from the above details as:

tapeid  matchingid  matches
  201      202        2
  201      203        1

  202      201        1

  203      201        1
  203      204        1

  204      201        1
  204      203        1

Thanks for your understanding.

The first thing to notice is that your sample results do not match your sample data. Second is that you're apparently counting the matches twice.

Now, counting the matches twice is actually not a bad idea, since that makes it much easier to look up any given tapeid to find out its matches. So here's the query to do that:

select a.tapeid
     , b.tapeid as matchingid
     , count(*) as matches
  from yourtable as a
  join yourtable as b
    on a.phonenumber = b.phonenumber  
   and a.tapeid <> b.tapeid
    by a.tapeid
     , b.tapeid   
    by a.tapeid
     , b.tapeid

The reason for and a.tapeid <> b.tapeid is to exclude counts for tapeids that match themselves (since they all will). If you wanted to count the matches only once, change it to and a.tapeid < b.tapeid.

This was last published in March 2006

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