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Converting a database to any ODBC-compliant database

Hi Rudy,
I am the director of a heavy equipment manufacturer. I am having some difficulty converting a database. The database is a *.ndb. I would like to convert it to any ODBC-compliant database or even ascii is fine. Do you think you would be able to help me or even direct me where I would be able to get some info. on this?


Hi Mike. NDB is a new one on me -- are you sure it isn't NDX (dbase index file) or MDB (Microsoft Access database)?

What programs or software do you use to manage this database? See if there is an Export function -- your best bet is to export the records as a comma- or tab-delimited file.

Failing that, you might try doing a query like this --

select trim(column1)||','
     ||trim(column2)||','  ...
  from theTable

This will produce a result set consisting of only one column that has commas "built in" (use some other character if any of the fields actually contain commas). You can then copy/paste into a text editor (assuming the file isn't too humungous) to create your comma-delimited file, which most target database systems can then import.

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