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Converting Long Raw to Blob

Expert Greg Williams explains when and how to convert Long Raw to Blob using PL/SQL.

I have to migrate the data of Schema1.table1 to schema2.table2. The Long Raw column data is not getting migrated as expected. It is showing a numeric error. How do I do this using PL/SQL script?
Since long (raw) will be going away, in future releases of Oracle database, I would recommend that you convert your Long Raw to a Blob and your Long to Clob. Then you can migrate your table to another schema within the same database release or to a higher database release.

The following statement will convert your long raw to a Blob:

     ALTER TABLE long_tab MODIFY ( long_col bLOB );

Where the column long_col was a long raw datatype converted to a blob datatype.

Here's some more information on the advantages of using a lob over a long raw.

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