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Convert minutes to HH:MM:SS format

I need a SQL query to convert 130 minutes into HH:MM:SS format.

I need a SQL query to convert 130 minutes into HH:MM:SS format. Can you send me the query to do this please.

Sorry, but the answer is "It depends."

In MySQL, you can say sec_to_time(130*60) and you're done.

In Microsoft SQL Server, you can say convert(char(8),dateadd(n,130,0),108) and you're done.

In Microsoft Access, you can say format(dateadd("n",130,0),"HH:NN:SS") and you're done.

None of these SQL snippets will work in any other database.

Sorry, off the top of my head I don't know how to do this in Oracle, Informix, DB2, Firebird or PostgreSQL. I would have to look up the date and time functions in the manual, to see if I can find any that might be of service. But you can do that too, eh.

This was last published in March 2007

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