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Contamination from old database install

Two years ago, I used the MDA to migrate a 7.3.4 production database to 8.1.7 on a WinNT 4 machine (we're using 8i Standard). Now I have two Oracle homes, two sets of binaries, etc. I have asked repeatedly for a set of clean ripout procedures for removing 7.3.4, leaving 8.1.7 intact. I have been hesitant to follow the advice I've been given because no one ever seems to address what my Oracle registry key should look like (it's a mess of 7.3.4 and 8.1.7 entries). Occasionally, I get weird errors that are caused by 7.3.4, although generally 8.1.7 works fine. Can you help me with this?
Unfortunately once the mixing of the values occur this is difficult to fix. In order to completely remove the 7.3.4 entries you may need to remove the entire Oracle section. Of course this means backing up your Oracle database, then following notes 124353.1 or 208256.1 from Metalink to clean the registry, re-installing Oracle (if required) and restoring your database. I wish I had a better solution but to make sure that the contamination from the old install is completely removed, I can think of no other safe, supported method.

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