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Consistently getting ORA-04031 error

We are using Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64-bit production running on a Sun v880 server.

We persistently encounter the ORA-04031 error. Once the error occurred in the Forms, we couldn't make a connection in SQL*Plus or Forms anymore. In some instances, SQL*Plus connection is allowed but not on Forms. Is there any solution on this? We continuously increased the shared_pool_area and right now it is at 2.4 GB.
In almost all situations, a 2+ GB shared pool is too large. So I'd back this down quite a bit.

I strongly suggest that you apply the Oracle patchset to your database. Prior versions had a problem where Oracle was not managing free space in the shared pool properly. This often resulted in the ORA-4031 errors and throwing more memory at the shared pool did not resolve the issue. Does this sound familiar? Apply the patchset and you should see your problems disappear.

This was last published in February 2004

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