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Considering Oracle Apps on Linux

We want to move to the Linux platform. How does Oracle Apps on Linux compare to Oracle Apps on WinXP? And do you think it's a good idea to move to Linux from XP?
There appear to be a couple of reasons why organizations are moving to Linux. First, Oracle is strongly supporting the platform including using it as the platform of choice for their hosting services (Oracle On Demand). Second, the platform appears to be quite scalable which may be a critical part of your requirements and current or future needs.

Yet, with any platform change such as this, I think reviewing the rationale for switching is critical. For example, it is important to understand why the current platform is not suiting your current needs or why you anticipate it will not in the future. Make sure that you get data from customers on both platforms to validate your assumptions.

Also, make sure that a full economic analysis is done that includes the cost of training resources on the new platform and other somewhat hidden costs. As part of this analysis, you may also want to consider the expertise that has been built up in the organization and how long it will take to reach a similar level in the Linux environment.

This decision could not only be a good idea, it could be very necessary. Yet, it may not be and the costs associated with this platform shift could be better applied to new Apps functionality.

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