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Connecting third-party applications remotely to the database

We have our Oracle 8.1.7 database on a Sun box, and we are running a third-party application on client boxes and connecting to Oracle database through the ODBC connection. All these client machines and the Unix server are on the network, and we didn't face any problems. My Question to you is how do I connect the third party application remotely to the Oracle database? For example, connecting this application from home to the same Oracle database on the Unix box remotely...

First, you'll have to install your Oracle software on your machine at home. Then configure an ODBC connection to point to the database running on the Unix server. If your installation has a firewall, you will have to get your Network Admins to poke a hole in the firewall so that you can access the database from home. Finally, install your third party app on your home machine. The setup is the same if it is at home or in the office.

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