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Connecting tables in a database

SQL Expert Rudy Limeback gives advice on finding information on primary and foreign keys to connect tables in a database.

I am making a database for billing system in a photo shop. The different tables are cashier, assistant, job order, picture, customer. My problem is that I can't find a proper way of connecting the different tables in my database. I need to find a way to link them together for the database to connect, thus my dilemma. Could you please give me your advice on how I should go about connecting this database? Thank you for your time.
My advice is brief and simple: read some tutorials on primary and foreign keys. If you pop that phrase into your favorite internet search engine, you will get many excellent results.

If your question didn't sound so terribly much like a homework assignment, I'd say more.

Here's a tip: when you start looking through the search engine results, if the first thing you see when you visit the site is a lot of ads, then that tutorial is probably not very good. Try the next one.

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