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Connecting a C or C++ program to the database

I am new to Oracle. Right now I'm into a project on C++/SCO Unix/Oracle 8. I have written a C++ program, which I need to connect to the database. Would you please guide me in this regard?

The easiest way to get a C or C++ program connected to an Oracle database is by using the Oracle C precompiler, called Pro*C. This let's you put a simple SQL statement directly in your C program. Then you run your C program through the Pro*C precompiler and it changes those simple SQL calls into complex C statements using Oracle's C libraries. Then you compile your application.

At the heart of Pro*C is the Oracle C Interface (OCI). You can use OCI directly, but it is much harder to code. But it is faster and generally works better than Pro*C.

For more information on Pro*C, refer to Oracle's developer site called Technet (http://technet.oracle.com). You can find code examples for Pro*C right there!

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