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Connecting FoxPro database to Oracle

It seems a silly question, but I am new in this field. Can you guide me on how can I connect my FoxPro database to Oracle? I want to design some reports in Oracle using FoxPro data. Thanks in advance.

You have two options here:

One, since the two databases are from different vendors, you can use Oracle's Heterogeneous Services and ODBC drivers to link Oracle to a FoxPro database. This option will cost you some extra money though. From there, you can create a database link to the other vendor's database.

Two, you don't connect the databases, but instead copy the data into Oracle. Use whatever FoxPro utilities you have to dump the data to a flat file (comma delimited, column delimited, etc.) and then use SQL*Loader to load the data into Oracle.

The first option costs more, but you have instantaneous access to the most up-to-date data from FoxPro. The second option is free, but you have to perform the "copy" to update the data in Oracle.

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