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Conflict resolution method for two-way replication

I am using two-way replication (updateable snapshot) but am unable to solve an add/update conflict. I already have gone through the manual but have been unable to implement the confilict resolution method. Can you please provide some example or document which shows a conflict resolution method?

I am using Oracle 8.1.6. I have one master site and 9 snapshot sites. User can insert/update/delete record from snapshot as well as master site. I want to stop duplication key if any occurs in system or If one user (snapshot/master site) delete any particular record then that record not available to any user. but simultaneous one use delete the trecord and other user uopdate that record then I get "NO DATA FOUND" error in replication.

Two way replication is tricky at best. And I'm not sure that you will be able to perform your conflict resolution like you want to. But to set up two way replication, you have to set up what Oracle calls a "Multimaster" configuration. According to the Oracle documentation, "Snapshot sites cannot detect nor resolve data conflicts". Conflicts can only be detected and resolved in the master site. Additionally, the docs say "Asynchronous multimaster and updateable snapshot replication environments must address the possibility of replication conflicts that may occur when, for example, two transactions originating from different sites update the same row at nearly the same time." Since conflict resolution in multimaster configurations is so tricky, Oracle devotes an entire chapter to the subject. Chapter 5 "Conflict Resultion Concepts & Architecture" of the Oracle8i Replication Guide. This chapter should be thoroughly read before continuing.

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