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Conflict resolution in two-way replication

I am using two-way replication (updateable snapshot) but am unable to solve an add/update conflict. I already have gone through the manual but have been unable to implement the confilict resolution method. Can you please provide some example or document which shows a conflict resolution method?

Which version(s) of Oracle are you using in both databases? This might make a difference in what you are doing.

By two-way replication, I'm going to assume that you mean that if a table gets updated in DB_A that change will propogate to the replicated table in DB_B. And that a change in that same table in DB_B will result in a change to the similar table in DB_A. This is a very tricky scenario. If I insert a record into DB_A, then that record gets inserted into DB_B too by replication. But this record is now inserted into DB_B so two-way replication will insert this back into DB_A again. This process could repeat itself indefinitely.

I've never seen this in practice myself. Normally, the replication is one-way with one database serving as the master and the other(s) as a slave. If I did have the requirement to produce two-way replication, I would probably try to implement this through triggers so that I can have lots of control of the process.

Before I could give you more help, I'd need to know which versions of Oracle you are using and what conflicts you need to resolve.

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