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Configuring Oracle9iAS Workflow for SMTP

We have Oracle9iAS Release 2 ( installed on Windows 2000 server. We want to configure Workflow for SMTP and we have difficulties with that config, could you help us?
Microsoft has desupported their MAPI mailer interfaces in Windows 2000. Oracle Workflow mailer used these interfaces to send e-mail. From the Workflow release notes, you can read this:

========= begin release notes
The Microsoft Outlook E-mail Security Update that was released on June 7, 2000 desupports the MAPI Common Messaging Calls (CMC) interface used by the Oracle Workflow MAPI Mailer. (See: OL2000: Developer Information About the Outlook E-mail Security Update.) As a result, the Oracle Workflow MAPI Mailer is not certified on any Microsoft Windows platforms where this Microsoft Outlook E-mail Security Update or above has been applied. The Oracle Workflow MAPI Mailer is not certified on Windows XP.

Workflow customers running on NT/2000 are certified to install the UNIX version of the Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer (on UNIX) and connect to a Workflow Server database running on NT/2000.
========= end release notes

Additionally, Metalink has a NOTE regarding this issue. It is NOTE 104197.1 that states:

========= begin Metalink NOTE
NOTE: We cannot guarantee these steps will work with the Windows 2000 or XP operating systems because Microsoft has stopped supporting MAPI. (See MS Knowledge base article 254458, which states that WMS is no longer available for Windows 2000 & MS Knowledgebase article 314491), which states the same than above, but for Windows XP.

To rectify this situation, Oracle is working on a Java Mailer Implementation, the progress of which can be tracked via bug 2144635. The projected release as of November, 2002 is February 03(subject to change). If you are using either 2000 or XP and the following steps do not work for you, please understand that no bugs will be logged against the issue.
========= end Metalink NOTE

For now, the workaround appears to be to use the Unix version of the Workflow Mailer and configure it to connect to your database on Windows 2000. Not a favorable situation, but you may wish to open a TAR with Oracle to check the status of the tracking bug for the Java implementation (BUG 2144635) which appears to be unpublished at this time.

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