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Configure Data Guard on Windows NT

I want to configure Data Guard on Windows NT and Fail Over on NT, as well as Solaris. Can you please suggest where I can get the training -- in India or abroad? What links should I use to get the documentation for introducing data guard and fail safe/fail over? My current oracle version is 8.1.7.
Training for Data Guard is available from Oracle, as well as other vendors such as TUSC. I'm not sure if Oracle has education centers in India, but their Web site will surely answer that for you.

Fail Safe is a Windows-only product. To get similar functionality on Solaris, you'll need to purchase and configure a failover clustering product suchas SunCluster or Veritas Cluster Server.

The documentation for standby databases is incorporated into the standard server documentation for 8.1.7 in the book titled "Oracle8i Standby Database Concepts and Administration". Data Guard was present in late versions of 8i, but wasn't really fully implemented until 9i. If you're planning to use standby databases, you shouldn't have any problems in 8i, but the features available in and higher may make it worth upgrading.

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