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Concatenation and field lengths

How do I concatenate fields together but keep their true field lengths? I am trying to join three varchar2 length(2)fields together but need to keep the spaces in these fields to create a 5 item code.

In Oracle, you need to dynamically determine the length of the string and pad it with spaces. Here's how it would look:

SELECT FirstString || 
         RPAD(' ',2-NVL(LENGTH(FirstString),0)) || 
       SecondString || 
         RPAD(' ',2-NVL(LENGTH(SecondString),0)) || 
       ThirdString || 
         RPAD(' ',2-NVL(LENGTH(ThirdString),0))
  FROM YourTable 

In SQL Server, you could do it one of two ways. This is simply a rewrite of the Oracle method using SQL Server specific functions:

SELECT FirstString + 
         REPLICATE(' ',2-DATALENGTH(FirstString)) +
       SecondString + 
         REPLICATE(' ',2-DATALENGTH(SecondString)) +
       ThirdString + 
         REPLICATE(' ',2-DATALENGTH(ThirdString))
  FROM YourTable

The other way, which I prefer, casts each column to a fixed length column:

SELECT CAST (FirstString as CHAR(2)) +
       CAST (SecondString as CHAR(2)) +
       CAST (ThirdString as CHAR(2)) 
  FROM YourTable

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