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Comparison between Oracle 8i and MS SQL Server

Do you know where I can find a detailed comparison chart between Oracle 8i and MS SQL Server?

Sure! Go to either the Microsoft or the Oracle Web site, and you'll find a comparison chart that compares their product with these products and many others. There is a slight problem, in that each site will show their own product as clearly superior to all of the others.

It is practically impossible to find reasonably unbiased reporting of the products "head to head" since each product is designed with different goals in mind. Because of this fundamental difference, there can't be a true "apples to apples" comparison of the different database engines.

All of the engines will do most jobs well enough for most uses. If you have very specialized needs (billions of rows of data, very specific kinds of queries like full text searches with Perl style wildcard matching, intense calculations, etc), you need to hire a consultant with the experience needed to help you make the right decision. While these consultants don't come cheap, they are FAR cheaper than making a major mistake when you have a very specific set of needs.

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