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Comparing costs of Oracle on Linux, Unix and Windows

We are currently running our Oracle Enterprise Edition databases on Solaris. We are buying new servers. Our customers and management want us to try to reduce costs. They want us to investigate Oracle on Linux and Oracle on Windows for our database server. Is there a clear choice here? Everything that I have seen says Unix is on the way out and Linux is the way to go. The customer has a major Windows leaning to bring us to a common platform all the way around. I have a large environment with 50 databases set up. What should we be looking at for the comparison?
Both Oracle on Linux and Oracle on Windows will reduce your costs of your new hardware. The next thing to determine is the costs of man hours to support the Linux and Windows platforms. Those costs dependly largely on your existing staff. If you already have Windows administrators, then you already have knowledgable staff. Unix administrators can quickly get up to speed on Linux, although there are a few differences. Depending on your staff, one option can be more costly than the other. Otherwise, you might want to look at other considerations. You already mentioned that the customer wanted to use one common platform. If running Oracle on Windows acheives that goal, then it should strongly be considered.

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