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Comparing LDAP and OiD

I intend to use LDAP with Oracle. I know OiD is also LDAP v3, so can you give me advice in comparing LDAP and OiD; which is better? If OiD, please guide me about it (download, install) I have installed Ora9iRDBMS -- does it contain OiD? I saw in the directory $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ some file such as ldapadd, ldapdelete.... What is their advantage and how do I use them?

One can't really compare LDAP with OiD. LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. LDAP is an industry standard. OiD, Oracle Internet Directory, is Oracle Corp's implementation of LDAP, this industry standard. It's like trying to compare an automobile with the Ford Mustang. The Mustang is Ford Motor Company's implementation of an automobile. Other implementations may differ. OiD is Oracle's implementation of LDAP. Other companies have their own implementations. Microsoft's implementation of LDAP is Active Directory (AD).

The Oracle RDBMS software does come with OiD on the distribution media. I believe that you can also download this separately on Technet. I suggest you visit this Web site. In addition to the software for download, you can also view the documentation, which describes the purpose of the software in addition to the installation and configuration.

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