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Comparing AWR data with the baseline during report generation

I am studying AWR, which will be used in our project for performance analysis. My requirement is to create a baseline of load between 2 snapshots during normal system load. We perform load/stress testing before final deployment. We are planning to take snapshots before and after load/stress tests. I want to compare the performance of the instance during the load/stress test with that of baseline performance.

Oracle provides the package DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY for different functions of AWR. It provides the function CREATE_BASELINE function for creating baseline. But in the report generation function AWR_REPORT_HTML or AWR_REPORT_TXT no parameter is specified for comparing it with the baseline.

Is it possible to compare AWR data with the baseline during report generation? Currently Oracle supports only baseline creation and dropping that baseline. It can not be used for performance comparison.

Baselines can be used for loading SQL Tuning Sets and for setting alert/warning metric thresholds; they are also used by the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) for comparisons with similar workload periods when performance problems occur. I don't know of a way, though, to specify a baseline for manual comparison during report generation. I'd invite other readers to let us know if they have discovered a way to use baselines for this purpose.

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