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Comparing 9i RAC to 10g RAC

We're currently running 8i OPS on 4 Solaris 2.6 boxes and we have a "window of opportunity" to go to 9i RAC (64-bit) on Solaris 9 or jump straight to 10g RAC (64-bit) on Solaris 8 (10g isn't certified on Solaris 9 yet). What are the differences between the two RACs? Did I see something in the docs about a required UDLM patch to Sun Clustering for 10g RAC? Would you have any recommendations for me?
I would recommend going to Oracle 9i RAC at this current time. Oracle 10g was just released. As with any new release, there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. Oracle is a very stable platform. Since you are running OPS, I'm assuming that this is an important production environment. If this environment is important do you want to run new software? Personally, I'd wait for the bugs to be fixed in a version or two.

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