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Command-line installation of 8.1.7?

How can I install Oracle 8.1.7 on Solaris 8 using a command-line installation? I have no X Windows access to the remote Oracle server, and so I cannot set up the DISPLAY parameter to get the HTML installation. I have to do it all from the command line.

There is no command-line installation for any release 8i and higher. I've filed this enhancement request several times with Oracle and haven't seen any progress so far. There is an installation method that does not present a GUI interface, but it still requires an X11 server to be running somewhere so that it can initialize the Java classes associated with the GUI display. At least that's the explanation I received from Oracle Support.

I've been in a similar situation and what I did was to use another server with similar configuration (at least the same OS release and patch level). Install onto this alternate server and then, as the root user, use a command like tar or cpio to archive the entire ORACLE_HOME and oraInventory directories, copy those archives to the destination server and unpack them in the same locations they were in on the source server. Once everything is unpacked in the proper locations, I usually then relink all the executables (using "relink all") to ensure proper operation.

Note that the procedure above will wipe out any oraInventory information you already have on the destination host. Likewise, if you have additional ORACLE_HOMEs on the source host, unless you specifically use a different oraInventory for this install, the oraInventory will possibly contain information from other ORACLE_HOMEs that may not be installed on the destination server.

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