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Combining like tables

I have a database (MS Access XP) where, based on what value is selected from a previous drop down list (school), a combo box will select a different table to displays names. The basic idea is:

If school="abc" then get all records from table "abc", else if school="xyz" then get all records from table "xyz".

Can you help me with a SQL statement to do this? I can use the UNION to get both tables to display, but that's not what I what -- I want only the records in the specific table.

My first inclination is to recommend combining your tables, creating a SCHOOL column. If redesign is not easily accomplished, then you could solve the problem using a UNION set operator and a VIEW. In the case of MS Access, you could use a sub-query.

select * 
  from ( select 'ABC' as School, ABC.*
           from ABC
         UNION ALL
         select 'XYZ' as School, XYZ.*
           from XYZ
  where School = 'XYZ';

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