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Code to back up a tablespace

Brian Peasland explains how to use the export utility to create a logical backup of a table.

I am new to Oracle administration. I can't get the exact syntax of backing up only one user table. Can you provide a code snippet to achieve this?
Oracle's unit of backup is the tablespace, not the table. There is no command in Oracle to back up just a table. You'll most likely have to back up the tablespace that contains that table, but you'll get everything in that tablespace.

You can create a logical backup of a table if you want. In my opinion, this is not a true backup, but it does get a copy of the table and its contents. The tool to use is Oracle's export utility. The following command will show an example of exporting the table to a dump file:

exp userid=system/manager file=my_table.dmp tables=owner.my_table

Keep in mind that this is a logical backup and not a physical backup.

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