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Clone Oracle database from Linux to HP-UX

We need to clone an Oracle database running on Linux to another instance name in a HP-UX box.

I have a customer requirement wherein an Oracle database running on Linux needs to be cloned to another instance name in a HP-UX box. Currently the DB instance is Oracle and we plan to clone the instance from Linux to HP-UX. The source database instance size is small though, around 200 GB. Please suggest what would be the best way to clone the database. Does copying datafiles and recovering on HP-UX the usual way it work? Or is EXP/IMP the only option? Your expert advice would help me. Thanks.
Because you are cloning a database from a Linux operating system to HP-UX, you cannot take a physical copy of the database files from one server to the other. Using the export and import option would definitely work, especially since the database itself is not very large in physical size. If the database was at Oracle 10gR2, you would be able to use the cross-platform transportable tablespace option, but this is not available in Oracle 9.2. The transportable tablespace feature is available in Oracle 9.2, but you cannot go cross-platform. Another possibility is copying data from one database to another using a database link, but then you need to ensure that you re-create all indexes and referential constraints on the target database. I would rather use export/import before I choose the option of copying data through a database link.

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