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Cleaning up older Oracle stuff before upgrading

We have a windows NT enviroment running Oracle 8.1.6, which we upgraded from 8.0.5, but we did not clean up the Oracle 8.0.5 stuff when we were done. We have been running Oracle 8.1.6 and want to upgrade to Oracle My question is how would I clean up the Oracle 8.0.5 stuff (some apps are still pointing to this area) along with the Windows registry entries. On our production severs (two of them), we do not have extra disk space. On our test servers (on two of them, we do have disk space). Once I clean up the Oracle 8.0.5 (where it is no longer on our servers) then I will upgrade to Oracle

The best advise I can give here is to tell you to review the Oracle Migration guide (in your Oracle documentation set or found on-line at technet.oracle.com). Your current installation, configuration, directory structures, etc will all need to be considered and the Migration Guide discusses what you need to know. Follow it carefully.

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