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Clarification on RAC vs. OPS

While your answer on RAC vs OPS is somewhat correct, you give the reader the impression that Cache Fusion was completely implemented in 8i. In OPS, there is the issue of read/write contention where a ping is not necessary, but a write/write on the same block needed a disk ping. RAC avoids the PING with write/write contention on the same block in the BC via the enhanced Cache Fusion in 9i. Hence RAC came full circle with block contentions in the BC. You probably are well aware of this, but it is in the way it was phrased that may mislead people.
There are probably quite a few answers that I've given over the years that one could raise similar comments about. I try to look at each question and determine the technical level of the person asking the question and provide a similar technical level in the answer. If a person really didn't understand what the difference was between OPS and RAC, then your fine technical points may have been lost on them. I don't mean this to denegrate the person asking the question in any way. I just didn't want to add too much complexity to the mix so as not to be any help to the individual.

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