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Checking status of a database that has no documentation

I just got a job as a DBA at an Oracle 8 site. Can you suggest a starting point for checking the status of the database? This database was being maintained by one of the developers, so there isn't any documentation.

You need to familiarize yourself with how the database is configured. You need to look at the init.ora to see the parameters in use and this will also tell you where certain files are located (the control file(s) and the archive destination for example). Look at dba_tablespaces and dba_data_files to see where your datafiles are located. Look to see how users are defined and if there are any profiles, password management schemes and anything else related to security. The bottom line is that you need to get familiar with how things are set up before you can do much of anything.

Besides taking some time to look about this site, here are a few good sites to visit for scripts you can use to help you pull as much info from your database as possible:

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