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Checking database SID

I am new to using Oracle... I am trying to connect to an Oracle9i database from Java, but in order for that to happen, I need a TNS service name, and somehow I can't get even the test connection to succeed from the net configuration assistant. I keep getting "ORA-12535 TNS timed out error." So I was surfing your site for it and there you have specified a solution to the problem by writing out those lines in a DOS window, but I am not sure what the SID is for my database. Is there a way to check that? > Any > help would be highly appreciated.
Your Java program is a little different. Instead of using the thick JDBC drivers, which require Oracle Net 8 software and a TNS alias, why don't you use the thin JDBC drivers? With those drivers, you specify the host, port and ORACLE_SID right in your JDBC connect string.

As for your ORACLE_SID, you'll have to sign on to the database and issue the following:

SELECT instance_name FROM v$instance;

If you can't gain access to the Oracle database, then you'll have to ask your DBA for more assistance.

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